Materials and costs

We used 50mmx150 mm   treated softwood in 1.5 metre lengths (which is short enough to give the impression of curvature from a distance when arranged along a bend. Straight sides would be unsightly).

We ordered it from a yard, Nelson Potter near Ipswich, which was able to re-treat it under pressure after cutting to length from their 3 metre stock, so there was no need for extra protection for the cut ends.

The treated timber was claimed to last for many years in water and to be non-toxic to wildlife.

Oak posts (recommended by a contractor) were too expensive. We used:

  • two 1.2 mx50 mm round pointed softwood stakes for each 1.5 m section
  • larger 1.8mx75 mm stakes for the deeper sides, driven in with a heavy fencing sledgehammer (a maul), after tapping in with a club hammer.
  • The treated stakes were so cheap that if they proved not strong enough they could easily be doubled up or have larger ones driven in alongside.

The hessian sandbags for the concrete were bought on Amazon. We used a dry mix of 5 sand and 1 gravel to one standard cement.

The following were the main costs, totalling £1,967:

Pumping £124                 Submersible pump from Screwfix £56, 22 metres of pipe £40, heavy duty extension cable £28).

Timber £825                     128 planks 1.5m x 50mmx150mm; 80x 1.2m x50 mm pointed round posts; 6 x 1.8m x 75mm ditto;  4 peeled    pine sleepers  2.4 mx50mmx100mm

 Digger £400                     One day’s hire with operator, after £100 discount because job was finished early.

 Concrete and gravel £470                Sand (3×1 ton bags), gravel (1x1ton bag for concrete, 3×1 ton bags for gravel path), 12 bags cement, 140 hessian sandbags

 Tools £45                            Lightweight aluminium shovel, fencing maul.

 Sundries £103                Including geotextile (14mx1m), plastic pipes and joints for repairing drains from gutters to pond, cuprinol.


2 comments on “Materials and costs

  1. Douglas Hogg says:

    Would that I had discovered this blog in 2008. I would still be a member of parliament if only I had cleaned my moat myself.

  2. Imogen Magnus says:

    Dear Peter,

    Congratulations – I look forward to seeing the pond one day again soon.

    Love Imogen xx

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