Most of the time its lovely….

Looking back at recent posts, I wonder whether I’m giving the impression that managing a decent sized pond is one long struggle against invasive aliens of one kind or another.

Far from it: I reckon that keeping duckweed, blanket weed and curly pond weed under control takes half a day each per year, so that’s one and a half days in the pond with waders. I anyway have to admit a juvenile pleasure in splashing around in the pond, so I don’t really regard it as a chore.

Add to that a full day in early winter raking out excess debris left by leaf fall – see an earlier post – and I reckon a grand total of two and a half days in 365.

I may eventually add a day or two to catch those pesky carp that escaped from the connected pond next door, because I fear they are multiplying and I can’t help worrying that their presence is associated with the collapse in the newt and mini-beast population in the pond over the last year. On the other hand, millions of people regard fishing as a pleasure, so I won’t even count that as pond maintenance work.

It all leaves plenty of time for contemplating the rippling beauty of a clean pond and its wildlife and plantings, equally a pleasure in the summer sun or under a hard winter sky.



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